For quite some time this house has been plagued by the fox song. I know, so has yours. I have to admit both the song and the video are spectacularly funny. There is true genius behind it. Part of that genius is in the fact that it is not only palatable to young ears, it creates a meth-like addiction in toddlers that simply can’t be cured.

After hearing the fox song for the bazillionth time because if you don’t “play it again” you’ll have to deal a tantrum that is arguable worse than having to listen to it just one more time, you start to get desperate. Believe me, there are several times during the day that I wage a legitimate debate in my head: which is worse, the song, or my child freaking out about wanting to listen to the song? We mix it up. 3 or 4 tantrums mixed in with about 15 times listening to the fox song. Sometimes the ratio of tantrum to song is higher. It all depends.

But thankfully a 17 year old from New Zealand has broken the Fox Song fever. Now we have this:

Now I know that my daughter dancing and singing Royals by Lorde is no cuter than your daughter dancing and singing Royals by Lorde. But hey, we’re on a content deadline here and my SEO widget is suggesting I include Royals by Lorde just one more time. ¬†Kinda like my daughter. We’ve finally broken the Fox Song fever. Now we’re deeply entrenched in a Royals by Lorde ¬†24/7 loop that come to think of it, is starting to make me miss the Fox Song.

But for those of you living in an Amish community, I can’t recommend for your children Royals by Lorde enough.

And for those of you haven’t seen the clown version, don’t miss it:

4 Thoughts on “Friday Product Review – Royals by Lorde

  1. slacker on November 22, 2013 at 1:41 pm said:

    This kid needs her own emoticon.

  2. OH my gosh! First, off, we’ve been listening to that song a little too much here, too. I blame it on myself. My 4 year old wants to murder me every time he hears that song. But, she is adorable. The clapping, the shoulder shaking and the loving on that heater vent is all too cute. But, I say keep playing it if it keeps her in the same spot for that long!! :)

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